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Plus: New FIP drug for Canada and JAVMA goes digital

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Or, if you aren’t feeling romantically inclined this year, consider putting that broken heart to good use like the Humboldt Humane Society who is running a Neuter Your Ex donation campaign. For $50, they will name a cat after your ex before performing a neuter or spay, because some things shouldn’t breed.

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💉 New FIP Drugs Legal in Canada
🇲🇽 Mexico to open free vet clinics
🐈 California bill would allow RVTs to neuter cats
🙌 AVMA to digitize back issues
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New FIP Drugs Legal in Canada

In a significant development for feline health in Canada, legal access has been granted for drugs that treat Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). The drugs, Remdesivir and GS-441524, can now be imported by veterinarians via an Emergency Drug Release (EDR) process for each patient.

It is important to note that these drugs can only be imported by veterinarians who have a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) with the cat owner. This development underscores the successful collaboration between companies, veterinarians, and regulators in addressing infectious diseases, particularly in minor species and smaller markets.

Mexico to open free public vet clinics

You just absolutely love to see it: a law to establish public veterinary clinics across Mexico went into effect last week. The free clinics will provide with preventive medical care (such as spay/neuter) and emergency medical treatment as needed. States, municipalities, and mayors must guarantee free sterilization of pets, along with consultations, deworming, vaccinations and surgeries. More advanced care will still be fee for service.

This is an incredibly impactful decision as there are over 23 million dogs and cats in Mexico, according to the national statistics agency, INEGI. However, only 5.4 million of them have homes - leaving 70% of dogs and cats in Mexico living on the streets. Emmanuel Pedraza, director of the civil association Defensoría Animal, said that about 500,000 dogs and cats are abandoned in Mexico each year.

Public veterinary clinics are already operating in some parts of Mexico, such as a veterinary hospital in Mérida, Yucatán, the first of its kind in southeastern Mexico. Free vet clinics began operating in Mexico City in 2023.

California may allow RVTs to neuter cats

A new bill introduced in California would permit registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) to perform cat castrations under direct supervision of a veterinarian.

Supporters of the bill say it would help address the shortage of veterinarians and combat pet overpopulation in the state. They also say RVTs are capable of performing the simple procedure with proper training and guidance. However, on the other side, opponents of the bill say only veterinarians have the necessary education and skills to perform surgery and deal with any complications that may arise. They also say the bill would violate the scope of practice for veterinarians and put cats at risk. The idea of “under direct supervision” is always a challenging one and leaves a lot of grey area. In the United Kingdom, veterinarian organizations have endorsed efforts in recent years to permit veterinary nurses to perform cat castrations, but the changes have not been implemented yet.

AVMA to digitize back issues

If you are anything like us, the lack of digital journals, especially JAVMA, is a serious thorn in your size. Being unable to have access to these back issues is a real challenge as too often papers will get published once, and then never again.

But not for much longer! JAVMA is working with libraries of veterinary schools to digitize back issues. The 1990s are now available with more to follow.

Luckily it’s not just clinicians who need these issues but also public health officials and researchers from other fields which has prioritized this effort.

All we can say is thank you.

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