Weekend Rounds - 08.08

Weekend Rounds: Doggie DNA, Pet Obsessed and Cardiology

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News and Noteworthy

The Future of Canine DNA Collection

DNA tests are about to become much more popular. This week, we learned that Embark Veterinary Inc., a genetics startup that seeks to increase the lifespan of our canine companions, is now estimated to be worth $700 million after receiving funding from SoftBank VisionFund 2.The company collects canine DNA in an effort to extend the life of patients. Our big takeaway: if nothing else, we’re about to see another increase in questions about DNA testing from our clients.Read more on Bloomberg

Pet Obssessed

It's not our job to speculate on who loves their dogs the most, but we're pretty sure it is quickly becoming a two horse race between Millennials and Boomers.Amanda Mull wrote for The Atlantic about her relationship with her own overweight chihuahua and how Millennial's love of dogs fits into the larger pet boom. Read more on The Atlantic

New on Obi

Cardiology Resources Now Available

In case you missed it, Obi Veterinary Education is now the home of comprehensive text-based veterinary cardiology resources including cardiovascular physiology, pathology, clinical evaluations and more. Written and maintained by Dr. Lynne O’Sullivan, this free & searchable resource has been available in various formats since 2001. Read more about how this growing resource came to be part of your Obi Course Library.

An offer from our partner

There are a number great educational resources online, and as a new company focused on empowering veterinarians, we've made it our mission to provide the best resources we can, and point you in the right direction for even more services.

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