Weekend Rounds - 08.15

Weekend Rounds: The Oldest Cat Ever and Suture Skills

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New and Noteworthy

Looking Pretty Good for 28,000 Years Old

An amazingly well preserved lion cub was found in a Siberian cave, giving scientists insight into the past. The cub, named Sparta, was initially thought to be siblings with a second cub found a year earlier named Boris. However, dating has shown that the two lived over 10,000 years apart.Scientists have relished over Sparta's discovery because of how well preserved she is. Imaging has shown an intact skeleton, and if you ask us, pictures of her don't look much different than an 18 year old domestic short hair with CKD.Read more on Reuters

Covetrus for the Rest of us?

This week we learned that Covetrus has been sued by Chewy. Chewy alleges that Covetrus deceives its customers to purchase from it, rather than Chewy at the point in the sale where Chewy has to reach out for veterinary authorization. Covetrus alleges it has the best interest of veterinarians at heart. Call us skeptics, but it's hard to believe that Covetrus, who posted gross earnings of $210 million in Q1 of 2021 nor Chewy who has net sales of $2.14 billion last year, has any of us at heart. But hey, maybe our checks are in the mail.Read more on VIN

New on Obi

Surgery Skill Courses Now Available

We launched two short courses this week designed to help you improve your surgery skills. Whether you are right handed or left handed, we have a course for you. Created by Dr. Ameet Singh DVM DVSc DACVS and Dr. Derek Larporte DVM, these courses are free for all Obi members. Access now from your course library.

Orthogonal Projections

This week, Obi Veterinary Education co-founder and radiologist Dr. Ryan Appleby DVM DACVR wrote about why he thinks taking a targeted approach to radiographs is far better than just trying to catch as much as we can. We know it can be hard and there is often only one shot to get the images you need based on client limitations. But by taking a targeted approach rather than trying to radiograph as much as possible our image quality and diagnostic capabilities increase. Stay tuned to the blog this week to hear more on how to improve radiology in your practice.

What made us smile this week

Say hi to Slider, the bat dog for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. We can only hope to be as good at our jobs as Slider is at his.

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