Weekend Rounds - 08.22

Weekend Rounds: Street Dogs and Bougie Cats

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New and Noteworthy

End of Eviction Moratoriums Put Pets in Limbo

While large parts of North America return to the normal as if the Delta variant ain't no thing, eviction moratoriums are ending. This could have major implications on pet populations as those that are housing insecure find themselves and their 2.2 pets per household needing somewhere to go.  Animal shelters are again calling for help as many are already at capacity, filling the brief space created by the early COVID adoption boom.Read More on the Washington Post

The Dog Packs of Kabul

As many of us kept a close eye on Afghanistan this week, we thought it would be a good time to revisit this story about the dog packs roaming the streets of Kabul. While every city deals with crime and wild animals, the Afghan capital is facing a unique situation set against the backdrop of continual war and constant change.Read more in the New York Times

A Lighter Snack

Since our top news this week is a bit of a downer we thought we would leave you with something a bit lighter.It was only a matter of time before pet foods went meatless, and we now have one of the first to hit the market: Because Animals.  I guess "Because Animals" is no longer just the answer to why we all joined this profession in the first place. The Chicago-based company is making cultured mouse meat treats for cats.  If you place an order, send us a pic of your house panther being bougie AF and cruelty free.Read more on CNBC

New on Obi

Orthogonal Projections

This week, Obi Veterinary Education co-founder and radiologist Dr. Ryan Appleby DVM DACVR doubled down on his philosophy on how radiography can be improved in practice. The bad news: you're probably charging for radiographs wrong. The good news: it's an easy fix.Stay tuned to the blog this week to hear more on how to improve radiology in your practice. 

Leaderboard Update

With just nine days left in August, the competition at the top of the monthly board is heating up. Three Obi members - Julia, Kristen and Camille - are battling it out for the top spot. Think you can join them? 

Here's a tip: Obi rewards you for creating a daily learning streak. By setting aside just 5-10 minutes a day, you'll earn points to shoot you up the leaderboard and improve your improve your clinical practice. 

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