Weekend Rounds - 08.29

Restocking Ivermectin

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New and Noteworthy

  Identity Crises - am I a horse or a cow?

In one of the stranger trends this year (and that sure is saying something) your clients might have started calling and asking for ivermectin. But in case you were rejoicing that they finally listened to your recommendation for consistently using preventatitves on Rufus, this is for themselves. Why horse grade deworming is a cure for a viral disease remains beyond our comprehension, but if you're curious where this trend started


In case it needs saying, we at Obi support evidence based practices such as vaccines, masks, improved ventilation and reduced class sizes for students returning to school. As NBC News reported, the FDA agrees. Or in their own words:"You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it."

The rise of dog cognition studies

Have you ever wished you could understand how your dog thinks? We know we have. Between our personal pups and Bowie, our Chief Barketing Officer, we have a lot of expressive, complex canids in our lives. Sometimes its easy to tell (Food! Ball! Squirrel!) but other times there is something more complex at work. That scent in the park which he sniffs for a good 5 minutes before marking over. That head cock when nothing in particular has happened that you can tell. What are they thinking? As the

, researchers at Yale are getting to the bottom of it. With research on canine cognition they hope to understand why some dogs are more successful working dogs than others, and why dogs can cooperate so well with people.

National Dog Day

The science behind puppy dog eyes

In honour of National Dog Day, the

with information on the science behing why our pups are

us the cutest things in our lives. It's all in the levator anguli oculi medialis and retratctor anguli oculi lateralis muscles. We know you remember learning that vital piece of information in first year anatomy. Even if not, at least you have a name for it the next time Fluffy gives you that look 30 minutes before she is supposed to get dinner.

We hope you took a moment to give a hug or a kiss to one of the many pooches that make our days just that much better.

Leaderboard Update

Only two days left in August. Finish a course or your 7 days streak and maybe you can push your way onto the leaderboard. September is just around the corner and the monthly board resets. So there is always a chance for gold next month!

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