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Happy Sunday to you! These days bad news is easy to find, but what truly brings us joy is being able to share good news from around the world. Once again, the great team at Future Crunch has done the heavy lifting, and we're thrilled to be able to share progress on conservation, the SDGs, and population increases a bit later in the email. But first… some news out of Canada. Today's newsletter is a quick 3 minute read... less time than it takes for your dog to find a place to poop 😊

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This week, there were a few veterinary medicine stories in Canada. Maybe it's just us, but it seems like the things you and your friends have been screaming about on Facebook for the last few years are frequently becoming mainstream news.This week, Dr. Norm Nasser of the VCA Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital spoke to CBC radio about the veterinary shortage and how it affects his team. Not only that, Dr. Nasser did the interview after a night shift - definitively proving that vets are superheroes.A few hundred kilometers east, Dr. Dara Gottlieb of VCA Alta Vista also spoke with CBC in Ottawa to discuss stress and pressure on veterinarians. "You're just doing your job. It's really a moral dilemma the number of pets that don't get care because of finances but at the end of the day a lot of these decisions come down to money and that's a soul-sucking position to be in as a veterinarian." Soul sucking is right. We feel you Dr. Gottlieb. Dr. Gottlieb hopes social workers can be brought into the industry to help pet owners and veterinary professionals deal with emotional trauma. Well...Kathleen Dunbar, a veterinary social worker in Halifax, is changing the face of client centred support to reduce the soul suckiness of veterinary medicine. "I think we're going to really be starting to think outside the box a little bit, and I think that's kind of what I feel I've done here by putting a social worker on staff" Mary-Clare McClaren, Dunbar's hospital manager said.This is exactly the change that vet med needs. Veterinarians and vet techs can't be everything to every client. Your physician is not your psychologist, and your veterinarians should not be either.

We like to be sure we sprinkle your Sundays with a bit of good news a couple times a month. We've said it before, but our favorite good news source is

and highly recommend you add their newsletter to your bi-monthly information digest. But until then, let us recap a few solid wins for conservation and the animal world straight from the Future Crunch good news round up.

The Inflation Reduction Act is the

. With over $35 Billion earmarked for conservation, we'd call it a win.


where they were previously hunted to extinction. This comes following a 40 year conservation effort.

Marine conservation has seen

where a species of grouper, the red hind, has increased in size and abundance. In Indonesia, the government has pledged to protect marine ecosystems by


Gabon has

by a third in the last decade.

For more conservation news, check out the full article on Future Crunch. The good news isn't limited to conservation and animal health projects but also climate change, human health and gender equality.

For a small dose of realism, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has published their

tracking the

. The bottom line is that while progress is being made, we are not on track to meet the SDGs. For a quick recap,

(20 min).

Here are some stories we're following this week from around the veterinary world and animal kingdom:New book chronicles extinct and endangered species [CNN]

Animal Poop suggests domestication 2000 years earlier than thought [Science Alert]

VetSource Pharmacy ruffles feathers by partnering with big retailers [VIN]

Cyprus vet school seeks foreign applicants [VIN]

Parvo outbreaks across North America [VIN]

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